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20 Repurposed Planter Ideas For Your Home & Garden Simple flower pots made of clay are really quite boring to look at by now. After all, there are already so many alternatives. You can also get creative yourself and make original planters yourself. Here are 21 smart ideas for every taste and garden style.
Create a paradise in your garden If you have a house with a garden with an open space where you can breathe instead of claustrophobic reinforced concrete apartments, you are in luck. Garden houses have many advantages, from creating a safe playground for children to bringing picnic areas to your feet and growing natural products. Along with all this, you may want to decorate your garden and turn it into a more flashy and useful outdoor space. Here are a few tips that might interest you.
Raised beds are a great idea if you live in a subdivision or area where you cannot alter the soil or landscaping! If you have back problems or don't want to be in the dirt all the time, these easy-to-make raised bed plans are perfect for you!