Garden Landscaping Ideas

You may be designing your garden from scratch or want to make your existing garden more attractive. At this point, one of the most important issues you have to decide is how to determine the garden borders and walkways. You don’t need to divide your space into sections for gardening. There are also many beautiful garden landscapes where the garden is used as a whole lawn. But by dividing the garden into sections, creating a barrier between plants and walkways will make your garden look more organized and stylish. It also has some functional advantages. For example, preventing the plants you grow from growing outside the designated areas.

Below are some easy and functional gardening methods to inspire you. Thanks to these methods, you can make a professional and stylish garden design. Here are some easy and practical garden landscaping ideas:

Gardening with Pebbles

Using pebbles is a very simple and convenient method to create a garden line. As in the photo above, you can make a defined and neat garden arrangement by separating the pebbles and grass area and bushes. You can use pebbles for decorative purposes in your garden, as well as add geometric features to the landscape with this method, and get a professional look in your garden.

If there are bushes on the edges of your garden, using pebbles is an ideal method to create a barrier between grass and shrubs. You can easily draw the border of the garden with a simple design. With this method, you will have a much more professional looking garden layout.

Stony Garden Landscaping

Another method to create garden borders is to surround the areas you planted with stones. In this way, you will also define the walking paths within the garden area. Especially if you like to grow different plants, this method is for you. You can use each section you define in your garden to plant different plants. The method of enclosing with stones makes your job easier while arranging your own garden where you can grow vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and parsley. With this very practical and common method, you can organize the planting areas and walkways in your garden as you wish.

Raised Gardens

Another method for garden arrangement is to raise the areas you planted. This method will come in handy if your garden environment is poor and undefined, or if you don’t want to spend too much time landscaping. Moreover, using your creativity, you can make a pretty cool garden arrangement thanks to this method.

For example, as in the above garden design, you can create a creative garden landscape design by creating giant flower pots in different geometric forms in the form of stars or triangles suitable for your garden area. In these cool flowerpots; You can grow your vegetables, fruits or other plants separately. When upgrading your garden, choosing a textured wood material as pictured will add a natural and rustic atmosphere to your space.

Brick Walkways

Another popular method among garden landscaping ideas is to lay the walkway with brick. You can also create a barrier between the stones you add to the side of the road and the road and the garden. A well and tightly laid brick road will also be advantageous as it will prevent weeds from growing between the joints.
If you enjoy walking around your garden, building brick paths is ideal for you. You can make curvilinear or straight walking paths in the form you want, and even arrange seating areas from bricks between the roads.

Garden Arrangement With Natural Stones

While creating your garden borders, you can use the stones and rock pieces you collect from around. As in the example above, you can create your garden line quite easily by arranging natural stones side by side. To complement the rustic flair in your garden, you can fill the walkways with pebbles. If you like rustic designs, this very natural looking design will be ideal for your garden.

Natural stone barriers are more suitable for garden arrangements where plant life is more intense, free-growing and intended for natural appearance. If you do not want a garden that looks very fancy and planned and you want to leave the design to nature itself, this method is for you. 

We hope that the garden landscaping ideas and examples we shared have inspired you to organize your own garden. So, what methods did you use while arranging your garden? If you have different methods that you know or have applied, please share them with us in the comments.


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