DIY Garden Design That Looks Stylish

It is the best time to redecorate your own garden, so here are the DIY garden design ideas. We’ll tell you which garden furniture shouldn’t be missing, show you outdoor decorations for shopping and the most beautiful DIY design to make yourself. You can also venture a style break, but it should be decorated skillfully. Otherwise, it makes sense not to decorate a small garden with too many materials, as this can quickly appear overloaded and restless. Rely on selected favorite pieces here! In a large piece of garden you have more options. Depending on how you feel with your interior, you can opt for a design with a few highlights or choose a creatively composed arrangement.

When choosing the decoration, pay attention to robust and weather-resistant elements such as wood and steel. You can let off steam creatively in every area, whether in the flowerbed, the lawn or on the terrace with its walls, furniture and shelves.

Garden Decoration Made Of Pallet Wood

Place the long boards on the floor parallel to each other. Distance depending on the length of your two crossbars. Screw on the crossbars at the top and bottom. Now screw on the third shorter board at a 90 degree angle to the lower crossbar. To do this, first pre-drill holes with the cordless drill, then it’s easier.

DIY Garden Design: Divide The Garden Into Zones Before Decorating

In order to structure your garden better and also to provide a little more harmony, we recommend dividing the green area into different areas. Clearly separate your dining and seating areas by visibly lifting the floor from the lawn with the help of patio tiles. Robust planks made of stone or a wood mixture look particularly chic. A tiled floor can create a Mediterranean flair.

Favorite Piece With Light

Lanterns and torches in the garden are great, but this is original! If you have a collector’s item that you want to showcase, you could do it very simply with fairy lights.

Chinese Lanterns In The Tree

Simple, but very effective: hung in the tree, lanterns create a feeling of well-being in no time at all – with very little effort.

DIY Garden Design That Looks Stylish

Hanging Color Accents

A nice and funny decoration idea are hanging colorful jugs with small bouquets of flowers. If you want to top that: You can use colorful ribbons to hang it up, for example!

Paint Stones

A nice idea to get creative yourself and to design garden is to paint stones. You can let your creativity run free!


Paint Stones

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