Create a paradise in your garden

Create a paradise in your garden

If you have a house with a garden with an open space where you can breathe instead of claustrophobic reinforced concrete apartments, you are in luck. Garden houses have many advantages, from creating a safe playground for children to bringing picnic areas to your feet and growing natural products. Along with all this, you may want to decorate your garden and turn it into a more flashy and useful outdoor space. Here are a few tips that might interest you.

Anyone who owns a home with a garden wants to beautify their outdoor space by transforming it into a more pleasant space, without making a radical overhaul to the existing layout and without going over budget. Of course, you can do this effortlessly with the help of a professional, but when you do the garden decoration yourself, you will not only enjoy this work, you will not go over the budget, and you will have the rightful pride of saying "I decorated my garden myself".

But how will you do this? How to decorate a garden without spending a fortune? We have several suggestions that can answer all these questions. Below you will find various tips that we think may be of use to you in this regard, and a photo gallery with examples of garden decoration at the end of the content.

Garden Open

No matter how good your garden decor is, if your entrance area does not attract attention, your work is "half". An ivy that wraps around your garden gate from the top lines creates a great exterior look. You can impress your guests at the entrance stage with two large flowerpots with colorful flowers on the right and left sides. It is possible to use old sculptures instead of flower pots. Also, if you have a wooden door you can repaint it and even draw nature pictures on it if you have the talent.

Build the Walkway

Garden Build

After reworking the garden gate, you can create the walkway as a second step. You can lay tiles on the grass at regular intervals, create a wooden floor using old boards, lay horizontal stones on pebbles by determining the line of the road, or lay bricks on the ground to make a wonderful walking path. You have dozens of different options, but I do not recommend using marble only in the walking area. Because in rainy weather, the marble floor can turn into an ice rink.

Create a Cozy Living Area with Household Materials

Garden Create a cozy

When it comes to garden decoration, everyone recommends wicker chairs and tables. In fact, there is some truth to this. Wicker tables and chairs are very durable and stylish for outdoor conditions. However, if you don't have any of these and don't want to exceed your budget, you don't have to buy them. You can make a table from old wooden pallets that you have left to its fate in the back of your garden and create a comfortable sitting corner by placing an old cedar in your garden. In addition, you can evaluate the chairs that you do not use in your home in this area.

Build a Simple Hut for Rainy Weather

Garden Simple

To enjoy your garden to the fullest, you may want to build a simple shed where you can shelter from both the summer heat and other rainy weather. Whatever the weather conditions, you can dine in this area, use it as a bar or create a sheltered playhouse for your children to play. In the winter months when it is not possible to use it, you can use it as a pantry where you can put your garden materials.

A Small Hobby Area for Organic Products

Small Hobby Are for organic

One of the best things about owning a home with a garden is the ability to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables. Even if you do not devote your entire garden to organic farming, you can turn it into a hobby garden by designating a small area. In this way, you can catch the peace of dealing with the soil and enjoy the natural products that you grow yourself.

Light Up the Outdoors with Garden Lanterns

Light Garden Lanters

The most romantic moments of the day are experienced after sunset. Of course, if you have stylish wall sconces or garden lanterns that light up your outdoor space! If you have lighting poles in your garden, of course, you don't need to do anything extra, but if you don't already have a ready-made lighting system, then it would be a wise choice to use authentic lanterns hanging from tree branches. Although lighting may seem like a small detail, it is the main element that creates your garden decor in the evening.

Color Your Garden Wall

garden wall

Don't you think it's a good idea to turn a plain garden wall into a great art gallery? Turn your garden wall into a painting with nature pictures. Additionally, you might consider painting old car tires and hanging them on the wall or mounting your flower pots on the wall. After all, there are no limits to creative ideas!

Write Your House Number On Your Pots

write your house number one

If you want to do something different and simple then you might want to try this idea. You can write your house number (door number) on your potted flowers with a paint brush. Alternatively, it's a nice idea to write the names of family members on each pot next to each other.

Try Making a Flowerpot Using Old Boards

Boards Garden Pallet

By combining old pallets or wooden pieces, you can make a flower bed on which you can arrange your flower pots. You do not need to have carpentry skills and extra materials for this. Then paint it the color you want and position it in your garden according to your taste.

Creating a Campfire Area in Your Garden

Garden Campifre

What could be more enjoyable than sitting around the campfire at night and chatting? If you can't find time to go camping with your family, then there is no reason not to bring the campsite to your backyard! A small area with bricks can make for a great evening with your family. In addition, it is a pleasant decor element. In addition, if you wish, you can set up a tent and enjoy sleeping in the open air.

Create a Small Entertainment Area with a Hammock or Swing

hammock or swing

How about creating a simple playground in your garden for both your children and you? You can build a hammock between the trees in your garden or paint old car tires and make a decorative swing.

We tried to include various ideas about garden decoration that you can get inspired by, but you have countless variations that you can choose. If you think you still can't find what you are looking for despite the suggestions above, then you may want to take a look at the sample images below. Here are various garden decoration ideas that can facilitate your decision-making process…

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