20 Repurposed Planter Ideas For Your Home & Garden

20 Repurposed Planter Ideas For Your Home & Garden

Simple flower pots made of clay are really quite boring to look at by now. After all, there are already so many alternatives. You can also get creative yourself and make original planters yourself. Here are 21 smart ideas for every taste and garden style.

1 Old planted wine barrel

Old Planted Wine barrel

Nowadays there are many flower pots that are really beautiful to look at. Nevertheless, one or the other lacks pep. Just plant the flowers in old barrels. That looks completely different.

2 Use small barrels as flower pots

Small barrels

You can also conjure up a real flower shelf from small barrels. You don't even have to be a handyman to do this. That's a real eye-catcher, isn't it?

3 Original: Use Euro pallet as flower wall shelf

Pallet Flowers

Furnishings and garden furniture made from Euro pallets have been very popular in recent years. So why not just use it to build an original planter for the wall? To do this, simply paint the Euro pallet and attach flower pots or boxes to it.

4 Build a flower shelf from Euro pallets

Build a Flower shelf

Or you can build a mobile plant shelf from the pallets. That looks really nice too, don't you think?

5 Suitcases aren't just for travel

travel arent

If you like it unusual, this idea is just right for you. Just plant your flowers in an old suitcase. A sea of flowers to take away, so to speak

6 Repurposed old car tires

car tires

You probably know that you can conjure up a lot from old tires. For example, a sandpit made out of a tractor tire. But you can also put car tires to good use. For example as a flower bed.

7 Special: flower power car

Power Car Flower

Speaking of cars: Why only use car tires as planters? You can also turn the whole car into a large flower bed. Admittedly, this is something very special, but as you can see, it is also possible.

8 Planted wheelbarrow

planted whelbarrow

You can also use an old wheelbarrow and plant it. Perfectly positioned, it can also be a real eye-catcher in the garden.

9 The slightly different chair cushion 

chair cushion

You can also reuse furniture that you have discarded. This old chair, for example, not only got a new coat of paint, but also a very special seat cushion.

10 Closet full of plants

closet full of plants

Your old kitchen cupboard should end up on the bulky waste? Under no circumstance! Just see what you can make of it. That's a great idea.

11 Show me your feet, show me your shoes

shoes flowers

Here you can see clogs of a different kind. Namely not to be worn, but converted as planters. That has a very special charm, doesn't it?

12 Upcycling: clever use of old shoes

clever use old shoes

If you don't have old clogs, but you do have old shoes, you can of course convert them into small planters. Anyone who sees this will definitely be amazed.

13 Funny: the planted pants

the planted pants

If shoes alone are not enough for you, you can also plant a pair of trousers and shoes and put them on a bench. Now that's actually a funny idea.

14 Sea of flowers in the boat

bloat flowers

A boat belongs on the sea. However, if it is no longer seaworthy, you can still use it. For example as a large flower bed. Decorated with a few nets, you can conjure up a great highlight for your garden.

15 Planted bike

bike flowers

But not only boats can be planted. Disused bicycles can also be used as flower stands. It looks especially nice if you paint it in one color (as in this picture).

16 Old milk cans in new splendor

new splendor

You just can't throw away old milk cans. Childhood memories are often attached to it. But just putting it in the basement doesn't make any sense either. So use the pitchers sensibly and plant them with flowers.

17 Watering cans are not just for watering

watering cans are not just watering

If your watering can loses water, you don't have to throw it away right away. You can still put them to good use. For example by using it as a planter. That's a funny idea, don't you think?

18 Would you like a cup of flowers?

cup of flowers

Is your kitchen cupboard full of cups that you never use anyway? Then don't throw them away! This allows you to set small highlights in the garden. Simply plant filigree flowers and the cups will serve a new purpose.

19 Misuse kitchen helpers

misuse kitchen

But you can also misuse other kitchen utensils and plant them. For example an old funnel. There is also something very special about that.

20 Use the old zinc tub as a flower pot


Pretty much everyone still has an old zinc tub at home. But only very few use them. So just fill them with soil and use them sensibly. For example as a small herb bed or as a rock garden.

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