Privacy Policy and User Agreement

Privacy Policy and User Agreement

Privacy Policy and User Privacy Policy and User Agreement website does not collect users’ personal information.


The universal website’s server uses an HTTPS (connection security) certificate.

Thanks to the HTTPS protocol, after users connect to Universal, all content, including the address of the page they will visit, is encrypted. Therefore, since it cannot be determined exactly which page is visited in Evrensel, the Service Provider cannot interfere with the connection. In other words, since your Internet Service Provider cannot know the page address you will enter, it cannot apply special censorship to that page, slow down the connection to the page, or redirect the page to another address.


Universal uses Google Analytics service to track visitor traffic. However, as in the Adsense code, the features that follow the demographic and geographical characteristics and interests of the visitors are disabled in the Analytics codes.

Remarketing and Audience Demographics and Related Domain Reporting features, including data collected from signed-in Google users, that allow Google to associate your web and application browsing history with your Google accounts and use this information from your Google accounts to personalize ads, are not enabled in Universal.


Buttons such as “Share” and “Like” provided by Facebook to websites allow the information collected by the browser to be sent to Facebook. These buttons are not used on our Site. Social media sharing tools on our site are designed as links that do not contain java scripts.

Facebook Analytics and Facebook Pixel codes, which enable Facebook to obtain demographic information such as age and gender, are also not included on our Site.


Our website may unilaterally change the terms of the Privacy Policy and User Agreement by publishing them on its website.

The provisions of the Privacy Policy and User Agreement that it changes take effect on the date it is published on the site.

You can send all your opinions, wishes, complaints and questions regarding the privacy policy, cookies, advertising system and other practices applied on our site to info@bedsgarden or you can reach us from our contact page.