Tree Trunks For DIY Garden Decoration

Diy admin May 19, 2021

Logs are great objects for DIY garden decorations. It’s not complicated to work with and the result is beautiful. If you have some pieces left over after cutting a tree in the garden and you don’t know what to do with them, get some inspiration here. We have collected some ideas for you on how you can use them. Your work will give the garden a rustic touch and thus make the garden unique. Together with children, you can paint the tree trunk or decorate it creatively with templates. You can get materials from nature. Tree trunks can be embellished with colors.

Make A Tree Trunk Table Yourself

You can use slices of a tree trunk to build a spacious dining table out of them, or you can use a tree stump as a side table. Stumps are easier to come by because they are created during woodcutting work. Large tabletops are more difficult to organize. Since the demand is not so great here, you should look for suitable stuff in second-hand shops, markets or online. Regardless of whether the table should be round or misshapen – there are no limits to the creativity.

Creative Lamps

Floor lamps, lanterns or individual lighting for indoor and outdoor use can be made from tree trunks. Any type of wood is suitable for this. However, softwood is easier to work with than hardwood. You can use trunks with cracks as building material, because these will later serve as light slits.


Tree stumps are great for creating a seating area. They can be converted into a chair in their state. If you have various sawing tools at your disposal, you can create a massive garden bench from a tree trunk. A seat is cut into the trunk for the wooden bench. You can build the bench from two wooden panels and attach it to smaller stumps. Such a bench creates a nice atmosphere in the garden.

Tree Trunks

Decoration Made From Tree Trunks

The options for decorating logs are almost infinite. Only your furnishing influences the implementation. A tree trunk exudes a rustic and primeval style. It offers the contrast to clearly defined lines in facilities. So that the object does not appear overloaded, you should use additional materials sparingly. In the garden, on the other hand, playful materials are allowed, because they stand out particularly from the green oasis.

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