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Easy DIY Garden Decorations For A Special Atmosphere

Easy DIY Garden Decorations For A Special Atmosphere

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Every garden can be beautified individually with DIY garden decorations. We’ll show you how easy it is to make garden decorations yourself.

A discarded zinc tub that is being planted with flowers. A homemade plant arrangement as a design for the garden table. Or a special border made of empty stained glass bottles that are sunk with their necks in the ground. For many gardeners, it is no longer enough to just equip their garden with seating and lounging furniture. Rather, they decorate their green oases – sometimes bought in the store, sometimes homemade from old things that are hidden in the cellar or shed and make their second big appearance in the garden.

Garden DIY Decoration With Pebbles and Stones

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Stones belong to every garden – not yet creatively painted colorful stones. They can, for example, loosen up a garden and add additional splashes of color between gentian, carnation and blue pillows. Another idea is to turn gray stones into animals or mushrooms, such as a toadstool. For this you need two round smooth stones: a large one for the hat and a small one for the stem.

DIY Garden Decorations

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Decoration Made Of Wood

One of the most used materials is and remains wood – also for garden. Wood gives every green garden oasis a charm. It is particularly suitable for rustic designs. These include, for example, huge gnarled tree roots that can be placed on the lawn or as an accent between flower pots. Sometimes the wood  is already in your garden without you even being aware of it. What is meant is a leftover tree stump that you did not want or could not remove with its roots. With a little imagination you can bring it back to life and place a planter on it or give it a face.

Tinkered Carton Fairy Lights

Even if the days are long and the nights short in summer: garden lights create a great atmosphere on mild evenings. Solar lights in the flower beds or lanterns and fairy lights on the terrace are simple ways of DIY decorating. You can easily make a fairy lights out of cartons and tissue paper. For this you need the same amount of empty and rinsed cartons as there are lights on the chain, plus wire, scissors, a craft knife and tissue paper.

Build Your Own Bathing Bowl For Birds

With a bird bath you attract wild birds and at the same time do something good for them. In addition, the bath bowl can be a decorative eye-catcher in your garden. A bird bath should consist of a pool that is as shallow as possible. So all bird species can bathe in it safely. The stand of some examples that are available in stores can also be used as a trellis.

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