Customized DIY Garden Decoration With Less Effort

Diy admin May 16, 2021

It is really amazing what you can do for the garden. DIY decorations, garden lights and garden fences can be tinkered and customized with a little manual skills. Old furniture can be spiced up without much effort, various household items – repurposed. There are numerous ways to add design to your garden. Browse through our picture gallery to find examples for your individual equipment in the garden.

Decoration In The Garden For The Fence

With homemade pots and flower tubs, you can put your colorful flowers in the limelight. The garden can be decorated with self-designed lanterns, the simple way can be embellished with roses – there are hardly any limits to your imagination. If you are gardening with the children, expect several untraditional designs from them! Kids can have fun doing handicrafts!


Bicycle As Decoration and Flower Box

Instead of buying new pots, tubs and boxes, there are a variety of vessels that can be planted. Metal buckets, vases, old tea and watering cans are good for this purpose. Very special gardens are created with succulents and house lice of different colors. Drill several holes in the bottom of the container to allow the excess water to drain away.

Decoration In The Garden – Garden Path

In the warm spring days, the blossoming nature lures us outside. For all DIY fans it is clear: the additional living room outdoors only becomes really homely with the appropriate furniture. Luckily, the design of the furniture for the garden is a matter of taste and you have a free hand for it. In recent years, however, furniture made from used pallets has established itself as a garden trend. These work well as seating, as well as side tables or stands for planters. So you can also bring a piece of nature onto the small terrace.

Plant Table In The Garden

Such a plant table is not only practical, but also serves as a facility in the garden. For the garden, you should use old wood again if you want to build such a table yourself. The back wall can consist of an old window, the glass of which you replace with a mirror or you can use an old mirror, the surface of which can also be worn.

Garden With Metal Buckets

Both wood and metal are suitable for the garden. Lacquer that peels off and makes wooden furniture and decorations look worn, or that reveals rust, is particularly suitable for the look. If necessary, you can imitate the worn look yourself in the garden by simply sanding off the paint here and there.

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