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Cozy Garden Decorations That You Can Do Yourself

Cozy Garden Decorations That You Can Do Yourself

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In times of lockdown, we appreciate our garden or balconies even more than before. Many are even preparing for their holidays in 2021 to be spent on courtyards again instead of popular destinations. But we also want it to be as nice and cozy as possible!

But when it comes to decoration, you can still get a lot out of your garden at home – and that doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With the following DIY decorations you can conjure up a little paradise for yourself.

Cozy Seating Made From Pallets

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A table with chairs does not fit on every garden space. For one or the other, this is not the most comfortable selection either. With large seat cushions on the floor or on pallets, you can quickly create a cozy landscape. Pallets, which consist of eleven boards and can thus be stacked and equipped with cushions, are well suited for this. With small colored pillows you set nice accents.


Decoration With A Retro Look

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Small decorative materials quickly become eye-catchers on the garden. Swing-top bottles or old jam jars are suitable as a vase for cut flowers on the table. The retro style is chic and the decorations can be used again for their purpose at any time. Glass bottles that have a particularly beautiful look can be transformed into a lantern in no time at all.

To do this, score the bottom of the bottle and carefully knock it off with a hammer. Now place the bottle over a tea light without a cap. Fairy lights and homemade garlands give the garden a cozy flair that invites you to relax.

Stylish Flower Shelf

Garden walls sometimes look empty and bland. Since it is not always easy to attach shelves to the walls, you can pimp the garden with a hanging shelf, for example. The eye-catcher is mounted on a hook on the ceiling with cords. Place a screw hook in the previously drilled hole for the bracket.

For the shelf, provide wooden boards with matching holes for the flower pots and on the sides for the cords. It is good to work with a fretsaw for the large openings in the pots, use a drill for the small eyelets on the left and right. Insert the pots in the large recesses and pull the ropes through the holes for assembly.

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