Build A Garden Bench With A Table Yourself

Garden admin April 15, 2021

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting in the garden on a wonderful summer day, feeling the warm rays on your face and watching the bees collect nectar? Yes! When you can also sit comfortably and feast on baked cake. Therefore, we reveal how you can build a garden bench with a table yourself in no time at all.

We think most do-it-yourselfers will choose a wooden bench for simplicity. Therefore, here are instructions for building a garden bench with a wooden table.


The Workplace Should Be Prepared

We definitely recommend two trestles for this so that the wood can be worked comfortably. Now it starts with the even planning of the squared timber in order to free the surfaces of any splinters and other sources of danger. To be sure that everything was caught, this step should be repeated several times. You can test whether everything is nice and smooth by carefully running your palm over the surface. But be careful: wear work gloves to avoid injuries!

Now the squared timbers can be shortened with a jigsaw, circular saw. Before doing this, the desired lengths should of course be drawn in properly with the help of a pencil and folding rule so that they are all the same length. As soon as the cut has been made, the edges should be sanded off with an eccentric sander. This also makes them nice and smooth and makes painting easier later.

Now the long squared timbers can be connected one by one. For this purpose, holes for the dowels should first be milled out using the dowel router. Then all parts are put in place to see if everything fits. The construction adhesive is then applied to the connection points, the dowels inserted, the parts put together and pressed on so that the adhesive can do its work.

This step is repeated with all folded parts until the bench is finished. In the meantime, it should be checked again and again whether the overall picture is coherent. Does everything hold up? Is the distance between the feet and the seat the same?

When attaching the squared timbers for the backrest, it makes sense not to mount them at a 90 degree to the seat. The reason for this is the posture of our back, which is not perpendicular to the pelvis. Therefore, the squared timbers for the backrest should be sanded. To ensure that it is identical, it should be checked repeatedly with a protractor during cutting. When the bench is finished, the wood should be treated with an appropriate protection or wood oil. A primer can also help protect the wood from discoloration. Two to three layers of wood protection have proven themselves in practice – but be careful: the paint should be able to dry out well between glazing!

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