Awesome Dıy Chrıstmas Yard Decoratıons

Garden admin November 27, 2021


Festive ideas and inspiration for stylish Christmas decorations such as baubles and garlands. that are easy to make at home and use foraged and natural materials found in the garden

These Christmas baubles may look quite detailed in appearance but are actually really simple to make. They look very effective hanging from a mantelpiece or shelf. The bauble on the left is made using moss and old man’s beard on chicken wire. The bauble in the centre uses Nigella seedheads on wire and the bauble on the right uses crab apple and rosemary, again on wire. Create the look.

Hazel ball with ivy berries

Old tree stumps and gateposts are the perfect place to find mature ivy with clusters of fantastically architectural berries. To show them off to their best advantage they need a structure. Here that structure is provided in the form of thin ends. of hazel branches to make a ball that is light enough to hang from a pin. A collection of these globes in varying sizes look great as a Christmas decoration hanging from the ceiling. Create the look.

A Christmas wreath of berried ivy

A simple Christmas wreath packed with just one plant material is often more striking than a mixture of colours and texture. The shiny leaves and dark purple and green berries of mature common ivy are so fulsome that they need absolutely nothing else. Here’s how you can create the look.

Trailing ivy and crab apple garland

This simple Christmas garland made with trailing ivy and crab apples can decorate a painting or a mirror, or form a ring on the Christmas table, hung festoon-like over the top edge of a cupboard, or twisted around the banisters of a staircase. Here’s how to create the look.

Seedhead post light

Lighting up an entrance, whether it’s a gateway that leads to the house. Or one that takes you to another part of the garden, is not only about the practical illumination of a point of arrival. It’s also about the welcoming of guests and building a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead. This design uses seed heads and a wreath of rose hips to decorate a vintage-looking hurricane lantern on the top of a gate post. The idea is a simple, but effective and looks just as good in the light of day as it does in the evening. Get the look.

Old-man’s beard lightcatcher

While crystal chandeliers splinter light, scattering it with refraction through the facets and bevels of the crisp, cut surfaces, the fluffy seedheads of Clematis vitalba (known as old man’s beard) catch and diffuse light in an opposite but equally magical way. Every seedhead has about 24 individual seeds, each of which has a wiry tail called a style, delicately feathered with the finest silky hairs that capture light in their gauzy grasp. Here you can find out how to make this enchanting Christmas light catcher yourself.

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